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Yakiniku YAZAWA is proud to open it's first location in North America, Beverly Hills.

YAZAWA is named after a famous butcher from Japan, who is known for his special cut of wagyu beef.

A YAZAWA cut of beef celebrates the "cut within the cut".

Noticing traditional cuts of beef have a variety of flavor profiles.

YAZAWA began to separate the cut into two to three additional cuts. This procedure of separating traditional cuts of beef, allows for an enhanced dining experience.

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Chuck Katasnkaku
Rib Eye
Short Plate

Our own executive chef Tomo Inada, had the distinct privilege to work and study alongside YAZAWA for several years.

With the knowledge and intense training, chef Tomo began opening restaurants dealing only with "A-5" black wagyu cows. Keeping quality in mind, YAZAWA resuaurants have in house butchers and distribution.

The buyers are trained to hand select each cow.

Our butchers carefully inspect each cut of beef, in the pursuit of perfection. In house distribution, allow YAZAWA restaurants to strategically expedite our never frozen, fresh wagyu to your plate.

The YAZAWA experience is like no other. From the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the extensive wine and sake list, YAZAWA's luxurious atmosphere creates a romantic experience with cuisine.

It is with great pleasure, that we invite you to experience the finest beef Japan has to offer at YAZAWA beverly hills.

Yazawa Meat | Japanese Steak House (310) 275 2914
Yakinniku YAZAWA, 9669 S. Santa Monica Blvd, #2 Beverly Hills CA 90210
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Call us: (310) 275 2914